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Welcome to Gaming Always Counts. Where gaming always counts!! We  are a small based gaming community, We have a ranking system and currently looking for staff to help make this community better! The main question is. HOW DO I JOIN? Well, its simple you will post an application here ( http://gamingalwayscounts ... And a Admin member will except you. You will not get denied unless we REALLY think you are not fit for this website. Here is our ranking system. IN YOUR APP PLEASE STATE WHICH DEPARTMENT YOU WANT TO JOIN. LOOK BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION

Admin- Runs the site. Admins make sure the site is up to date and admins have a say in EVERY PROMOTION. We make this site run everyday the Admins are the most important rank here

Advisors- They have a say in promotions as well. They help watch over every member and give advice to all.

Captain- Captains promote recruits to brigades and lieutenants. They tell admins and advisors what is going on around the site and if something needs done

Lieutenants- They run their department. They are in charge of kicks and promotions into their Department

Whats a department?

Departments are clans inside of clans. They are around 15-20 ppl per department. They do clan wars and just game. This makes it fun and more interesting.

Departments you can join.

Alpha Department

Bravo Department

(More departments will be available when activity increases)

Any questions contact Morgan ( AKA DaRullo) on the website!!! SEND HER A PM
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